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De Bry - "a picture of the Island of Banda"- Original - 1601 - Indonesia - Spice

De Bry - "a picture of the Island of Banda"- Original - 1601 - Indonesia - Spice

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"A picture of the Island of Banda"

-Original Copperplate Engraving from 1601

-Johan Theodore De Bry

-Image 14x10cm

-Page 29x19cm

-Good condition

-Verso blank

This original engraving comes from part 5 of De Bry's Petits Voyages. This part described van Neck's voyage to the Spice Islands 1598-99. This was the second Dutch voyage to the East and was hugely successful, bringing back over 1 million pounds of spices. The success of the voyage led to further Dutch expeditions to the East and their longstanding presence in the area. During the voyage they landed on Mauritius, famously describing the Dodo, and naming the island after Prince Maurice of Nassau.

This is Plate 6 from the work which shows a picture of the Island of Banda. The text reads:

"The Island of Banda (Part of the Moluccan or Maluku group of Islands) is divided into three separate islets and provides more nutmeg and cloves than any other in the Moluccas. There are six or seven towns, Nera (more often spelt Neira) being the most important commercial centre for all trade in these parts. The Dutch did much business here, but noted that the people of every town were hostile to one another."

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