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De Bry - "A plan of the town of Bantam" - 1599 - Indonesia / Java

De Bry - "A plan of the town of Bantam" - 1599 - Indonesia / Java

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"A plan of the town of Bantam"

-Original Copperplate Engraving from 1st Latin Edition of 1601

-Johan Theodore De Bry

-Page 29x19cm

-Good condition - the image has been professionally restored with restoration of the lateral margins on both sides of the image

-Verso blank

-Modern colour

This original engraving comes from part 3 of the De Bry's Petits Voyages, which included a description of Houtman's voyage to Java.

This is plate 17 from the work: "How upper class people of Java parade the streets " The text reads:


"Bantam (now the abandoned port of Bantam) is the capital of the island of Java Major and its layout is shown. "A" is the royal palace, "B" is the Pacebam or town square, "C" the outer gate, "D" the fortress gate, "E" the water gate, "F" the barrier for closing the river at night, "G" the temple or Mesquite (Mosque), "H" the Chinese home, "I" the chief of the town's abode, called Payera Guban, "K" the stream that runs through the town, "L" the Sabander's courtyard, "M" the admiral's courtyard, "N" the Chinese market, "O" the Dutch commercial centre, "P" the homes of the Guffaratte and Bengalses, and "Q" the bazaar or market, The Dutch sailing ships as shown, moored in the foreground".

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