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De Bry - "How the upper class of Java parade the streets" - 1599 - Indonesia

De Bry - "How the upper class of Java parade the streets" - 1599 - Indonesia

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"A typical Javanese dance"

-Original Copperplate Engraving from 1st Latin Edition of 1601

-Johan Theodore De Bry

-Image 14x10cm

-Page 29x19cm

-Good condition - the image has been professionally restored with restoration of the lateral margins on both sides of the image

-Verso blank

-Modern colour

This original engraving comes from part 3 of the De Bry's Petits Voyages, which included a description of Houtman's voyage to Java.

This is plate 19 from the work: "How upper class people of Java parade the streets " The text reads:


When a high-ranking officer or dignitary walks the streets, he is accompanied by bearers carrying staves, with swords in sheaths of red or black velvet. His servant follow behind, holding an umbrella over his head and carry his accessories. These highly ranked men wear aprons threaded with golden embroidery but leave their torsos naked. Sometimes they wear scarlet jackets with velvet trimmings and turbans made of the finest Bengalese material. They wear their daggers tucked into their clothing and walk about with great pride. They consider it a scandal to wear shoes. When ordinary folk meet up with them in the street, they are obliged to crouch down humbly until the procession passes.

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