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De Bry -“How they built their boats" - Original - 1590 - Virginia - Carolina

De Bry -“How they built their boats" - Original - 1590 - Virginia - Carolina

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"A Chief Lord of Roanoke"

-Original Copperplate Engraving

-Theodore De Bry (1528-1598)

-Page 9.5 x 7 inches (23 x 18cm)

-Image 8.5 x 6 inches (22 x 15cm)

-Engraved in 1590 (This image is from the Gottfried Edition of 1631)

-Fair condition with complete plate but trimming to page

-Verso blank

This is an original plate from Part 1 "Admiranda Narratio" of De Bry's famous set of "Grands Voyages". This part described Sir Walter Raleigh's expedition, granted by Elizabeth I, to settle the first English colony in what is now Carolina. The expedition founded the famous failed colony of Roanoke in 1585. John White was sent to be the artist for the voyage and produced a famous set of water colours. He stayed in Roanoke for over 13 months and produced over 70 images, now in the British Museum.  Once he returned to London he met Theodore De Bry, who published the images in engraved form in Thomas Harriot's account of the journey.

This is plate 12 from the series, describing How the Algonquian Indians built their boats using fire, axes, adzes and oyster shells (to hollow out the tree trunk)

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