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De Bry - "The French defeat the Spanish at Havana" 1595 - Cuba

De Bry - "The French defeat the Spanish at Havana" 1595 - Cuba

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"The French defeat the Spanish at Havana"

-Original Copperplate Engraving

-Theodore De Bry

-Page 9.5 x 13 inches (23 x 33cm)

-Image 8.5 x 6 inches (22 x 15cm)

-1595 (This image is from the Latin 1st Edition)

-Good condition - some mild toning and marks to page. Modern colour.

-Verso blank

This is an original plate from Part 5 of De Bry's famous set of "Grands Voyages". This part contained a description of the Americas by Girolamo Benzoni. A native of Milan, Benzoni spent 15 years (1541-1556) travelling through the Spanish Americas including the West Indies, Central America and South America, seeking his fortune. After a shipwreck on the journey home left him without the money he had accumulated, he had only his experiences to fall back on. These he published in 1565 with a dedication to the Pope. The work was soon re-published in multiple editions, the most well known of which is the finely illustrated series by De Bry, published in three parts (4-6) from 1595-7.

This is plate 6 from the series, depicting The French defeating the Spanish at Havana

The text for the plate reads:

"In 1536 a French ship entered the harbour at Havana and forced the Spanish to pay 700 ducats, to prevent the town from being burnt to the ground. As the invaders departed, the Spanish gave chase in some cargo ships. This resulted in further confilcts at sea, which many of the Spanish having to abandon their ships for rowing boats or by jumping overboard and swimming ashore. The French then took possession of their ships, returned to Havana, and subsequently forced the Spanish to pay another Ransom"

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