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Hispaniae Novae Sivae Magnae. - Ortelius - 1584

Hispaniae Novae Sivae Magnae. - Ortelius - 1584

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"Hispaniae Novae Sivae Magnae" by Ortelius

"New, or Great, Spain"


-Abraham Ortelius

-Latin text of verso dating the map to 1584

-Large size of 54x44cm (approx)

-Very good condition. Some repair to centre fold and mild staining to edge of maps

-Beautiful colour

This beautiful map of Mexico is from the hugely important Theatrum Orbis Terrarum which ran through many editions from 1570 to the early 1600s. The map depicts Western New mexico with Spanish settlements and indigenous towns. It is heavily embellished with delicately decorated cartouches, sea ships, and devils. It gives a detailed representation of the rivers, lakes and Spanish settlements of New Spain. The source for the map is unknown, but is likely Jean Duran's map of Mexico from the 1570s. As often people at the edges of the empire are labeled cannibals "They who live in these mountains are cannibals."




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