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How the Tupi Indians prepare Chicha - De Bry - 1593 - Brazil

How the Tupi Indians prepare Chicha - De Bry - 1593 - Brazil

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"How the Tupi Indians prepare Chicha"

-Original Copperplate Engraving

-Theodore De Bry (1528-1598)

-Page 9.5 x 13 inches (23 x 33cm)

-Image 8.5 x 6 inches (22 x 15cm)


-2nd German Edition 

-Good condition on good paper

-Verso text

This page is from Part III of the monumental Grands Voyages by Theodore De Bry This part is based on the account of Hans von Staden, who spent 2 years living with the Indians in The Amazon jungle after being captured by them. On returning to Europe he wrote a book, first published in 1557, which described their way of life including their cannibal tendencies. The work was a sensation when published in Europe, and De Bry produced this fine edition with beautiful copper plate engravings, which were far superior to the crude original woodblock prints.

The text to this plate reads:

"The women prepared a drink by first boiling up the roots of the manioc (Cassava) plant. The young girls then chewed up this root and spat ti back into the bowl of boiling water. After two days of fermentation they handed it round for the men to drink. Soon they became intoxicated and danced or sat about the fire all night. There was also another drink, prepared in the same way, but made from "Turkish corn (Maize)". It was thick, white and opaque, and it looked like milk; there was also a red variety. Every month, the members of each hut prepared their own drinks, which made them merry and intoxicated"

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