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L’Histoire Naturelle et Morale Des Iles Antilles D’Amerique - 1717

L’Histoire Naturelle et Morale Des Iles Antilles D’Amerique - 1717

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This is a fascinating 300 year old book which describes the animals, plants and peoples of the Caribbean and Americas. It is illustrated with 45 plates in text, plus 3 folding ones which demonstrate Trees, Fruits, Animals and even a “Sea Unicorn!”
The work, “L’Histoire Naturelle et Morale Des Iles Antilles D’Amerique”(The Natural and Moral History of the Antilles) is an important book on the Natural History of the Region. This is the second, expanded edition from 1716 which includes a Caribbean vocabulary. The book is in Quarto Format and is complete with its original binding. The binding is a little worn and would benefit from a touch-up to make it really shine.
There are three folding plates, including one which demonstrates the abuse of slaves to produce sugar on the islands – the principal economy of the Region. The in-text plates include nice depictions of animals including Turtles, Crocodiles, and an Armadillo. The plates of plants include a Pineapple, Bananas, Tobacco and Juniper (for any gin fans out there). Collation: [34] 583 [13] pages, Frontispiece, 3 folding plates and 45 in text plates (Complete). Size 23.5x18cm approx.
All-in-all this is an important and uncommon early description of the Americas and the Caribbean here complete and in original binding
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