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Navigatio ac itinerarium Johannis Hugonis Linscotani - Jan Huygen van Linschoten

Navigatio ac itinerarium Johannis Hugonis Linscotani - Jan Huygen van Linschoten

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"Linschoten's Itinerario"

-Rare 1st Latin Edition "Navigatio ac itinerarium Johannis Hugonis Linscotani in orientalem"

-Jan Huygen van Linschoten

-1599 (1st Dutch edition was 1596)

-TP, [1], 124. TP, 45, [index(3)]

-34 (of 36) beautiful illustrations drawn by Linschoten and engraved by Johannes van Doetecum (Missing plates of Goa and the Azores) -Complete text

-No Maps

-Good condition

-Vellum binding with contemporary annotation on spine


2 parts in 1 Volume of this famous work by Linschoten. Part 1 is the celebrated Itinerario. This hugely important work was published after Linschoten's extended stay in Portuguese Goa where he worked for the Viceroy. Here he learnt much about the inhabitants, culture and food in the East. He also described trade opportunities with China, Japan and the Spice Islands. This information was hugely important and allowed the Dutch to break the Portuguese monopoly in the East Part 2 contains several sections on Spain, Africa, and the famous Arctic voyages of Barentsz. This version was compiled and translated from de Veer's diary by Linschoten himself who accompanied Barentsz on two Arctic voyages. Church states that "Fine copies of this work with all the Maps and Plates are extremely rare, for the reason that, the book was so popular for a century after its publication, that it was given to each ship sailing from Holland to India".

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