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Ortelius Africa 1573

Ortelius Africa 1573

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Abraham Ortelius

50 x 35cm approx. Good margins.

Recent colour

Very good condition with good, crisp impression

1573 edition (Latin text)

"1573L(AB)4 (75 copies printed) (Version A has full stop after title just below the horizontal stroke of last capital A in title. Version B has full stop after title just above the horizontal stroke of the last capital A in title. Both versions have as their last line, centred like 5 lines above it: nymi Fracastorij.),"

This beautiful map of Africa by Ortelius is one of the most important maps of the continent. The outline is broadly accurate but the interior still has uncertaintly over the courses of the rivers. The sea is decorated with sea monsters and a battle between ships of the coast of madagascar. In my opinion, this is one of Ortelius' most beautiful maps.

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