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Pars Quarta Indiae Orientalis - Part 4 Petits Voyages - Linschoten, Houtman, Van Neck

Pars Quarta Indiae Orientalis - Part 4 Petits Voyages - Linschoten, Houtman, Van Neck

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"Pars quarta Indiae Orientalis: qua primum varij generis animalia, fructus, arbores: item, aromata seu species & materialia: similiter & margarita seu vniones, ac gemmarum species pleraeq[ue]; sicut in..." - Part 4 of De Bry's Petits Voyages

-1st Latin Edition - Theodore De Bry - 1601

-Complete Part 4 of De Bry's Petit's voyages

-Complete text section (TP, [3], 1-111, Letterpress Title Page to Plates, 21 (of 21) Illustrations )

-Early 20th Century Half Calf binding (Rebacked) with original spine lettering maintained. Very good condition o

-Small (~ 2mm) hole to the top of plate 1. Very Good condition overall. 

-Ex Libris Charles McKew Parr (author of Linschoten's biography - "The Dutch Marco Polo" - this copy listed in the biography to this work)

This part contains:

(1) Chapters 45-91 of Linschoten's "Itinerario"

Linschoten's famous account of his time in Goa, published on his return to Holland. It stimulated Dutch exploration of the East, describing the animals, fruits, spices, drugs and precious stones. When first published the work was a sensation as it contained information not previously known.

Chapter titles include:

-Elephant, Rhinoceros, Crocodiles
-Pineapple, Jackfruit, Mangos, Cashew, "Indian fig" (Banana), Durian, Banian tree
-Betel nut, Cannabis, Opium,
-Ginger, cloves, nutmeg, mace, Rhubarb
-Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls

(2) A description of part of Houtman's voyage containing a description of the animals and fruits of the East Indies

Houtman's voyage was the first Dutch expedition to the spice islands. Due to Linschoten's information he sailed through the straight of Sunda, rather than the Malacca straight, to avoid the Portuguese.

(3) Jacob van Neck and Wybrandt van Warwijk - 1598-99.

Van Neck's famous expedition to the spice islands. He brought back one million pounds in weight of pepper and cloves and fueled the Dutch spice trade in Indonesia

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